Biological Basis of Behavior

The physical structure of our bodies plays an essential role in the behavior of a person. The most significant physical structure with regard to psychologists is actually the nervous system. The nervous system holds orders through the brain and spinal cord to numerous muscles and glands, it additionally carries signals from stimuli receptors towards the brain and spinal cord. If you desired to blink your eye a sign would be developed in the brain, then it could be transported by neurons towards the muscle controlling the eyelid.

The base with the nervous system is actually the neuron. Neurons tend to be cells that are specialized with regard to communicating information. They would be the basic tissue and component of the nervous system. Neurons have a basic structure of: One cell body, one or more dendrites and one axon. The cell body is the bulbous finish of a neuron, made up of the cell nucleus. The soma utilizes nutrients to provide energy for neuronal activity.

Study of Human Behavior

Human behavior refers to the array of behaviors displayed by Human beings and that are influenced by attitudes, culture, values, emotions, authority, ethics, hypnosis, rapport, coercion, persuasion and/or genetics. The behavior of human (and other organisms or even mechanisms) drops within a range with several behavior being common, some acceptable, some unusual and some outside acceptable limits. In sociology, behavior generally is regarded as having no meaning, being not directed at others, and therefore is one of the most basic human actions.

Behavior in this general feeling should not be mistaken with interpersonal behavior, which is a far more advanced action, as social behavior is actually behavior specifically directed at others. The acceptability of the behavior is evaluated relative to social norms and regulated by different means of social control. The behavior of humans is analyzed by the academic disciplines of psychiatry, social work, psychology, economics, sociology and anthropology.

Understanding Human Behavior

Domains in which human behavior understanding is an important need depend on advanced pattern recognition strategies to instantly interpret complicated behavioral patterns produced when humans communicate with machines or with other people. This is a difficult problem in which many problems are still open, such as the inherent uncertainty of machine detectable evidences of human behavior, the joint modeling of behavioral cues taking place at different time scales, the existence of long term dependencies in observations extracted through human behavior, the mutual influence of individuals involved in interactions and the key role of dynamics within human behavior understanding. Implementing these techniques on robotic platforms presents further constraints on processing resources, model building, tracking over time and generalization. 

The reason many people fail to understand human behaviour properly is that they appear at their behaviour without taking additional variables into consideration. 


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